At PescaExperience we offer a comprehensive advice and support service for fishing trips in Catalonia and Andorra.

Our team's enthusiasm and commitment is the result of our passion for fishing: we understand what our clients need and our aim is to help them enjoy their hobby without needing to worry about anything else, apart from getting that "trophy catch".

At PescaExperience we listen to our clients, offering made-to-measure packages, working from what each angler and their group needs, so that each trip is a successful one.

PescaExperience offers you the opportunity to fish in the finest stretches of rivers in Catalonia with the guidance of our expert staff. Beautiful locations, crystal-clear waters, great catches and an excellent density of fish all await you.

As our client, all you'll do is fish and we'll take care of everything else.

We offer mountain-valley and high-mountain angling, as well as fishing in preserves. The majority of the fishing areas are "catch and release" zones, although some regions do have river stretches where "no-release" fishing is permitted.

Our guides are experienced in their river areas, a fact which helps ensure the success of your fishing ventures. We are proficient in all aspects of angling and are happy to work with enthusiasts of all levels - from beginners to hardened experts.

Management of licenses, permits and civil liability insurance policies.

Optional rental equipment: rods and waders.

You choose and we'll adapt

At PescaExperience we cater to the needs of each individual client, working from two basic formulas that can be personalised, according to the wishes of each angler and their family or group:

One-day fishing trips

- Angling outings for a whole or half day and for one angler or more.

- Lunch is usually a picnic on the river banks. As an option, a midday meal can be chosen in a local restaurant.

- The destination an the fishing site itself will both be chosen on the basis of the client's fishing technique, their level and the state of the rivers themselves.

- If necessary PescaExperience can also take care of travel arrangements from our guests' point of origin to the fishing area.

Fishing holidays

- Offers start with one-night holidays for a single angler with a whole day of guiding fishing included.

- At PescaExperience we assess our clients in the choice of their destination with our client's chosen fishing technique and level and also with respect to group type (family or friends).

- We offer a number of accommodation options and parallel activities for non-anglers thanks to the vast range of tourist activities available in Catalonia, with quality accommodation for all tastes and budgets.